About Us


Sussex Tool and Supply began as a little distributor with big aspirations and grew to a large distributor with even larger goals while maintaining the philosophy that all customers are to be treated the same. We have grown because of the small to medium sized customer and these customers receive the same service as our largest customers. Started in the early 1980’s as a one person tool supply shop with less than 40 accounts, SUSSEX TOOL & SUPPLY has grown to a supplier to in excess of 1000 accounts ranging in sizes from one-man shops to the mega manufacturing facilities. The company is still family owned and operated! Each customer is considered a partner in the success we have achieved. Review the product line card for products you now use and allow us the privilege to become your supplier for these products and let our staff prove we should be your primary supplier.

The sales force we have in place averages 23 years experience in cutting tools. This makes us probably the most experienced distributor in the country. This sales force is not locked into territories like many of our competitors which allow us the advantage of giving the customer the service they want. We, like several of our competitors, now offer a complete package of inventory control options. These range from basic on site inventory management to vending machines. We are first tier suppliers of three vending machine product lines. This allows us the flexibility to go from basic inventory control to a complete integration system. We have over 100 vending machines installed today.

The company philosophy is based on the ultimate use of cutting tools as a means of improving production and quality. We at SUSSEX TOOL & SUPPLY pride ourselves on saving customers not only money, but time. We do this through innovative tooling and processes. We unlike many of our competition are willing to document these savings through verifiable procedures. It is the primary reason we have grown 600 percent in the last six years.

Simplifying the job of purchasing tools is one reason we rarely lose a customer. Our staff creates a comfort level with the customer that makes it very easy to become a satisfied customer. This is done purposefully as a means of maintaining customers. Please review our product line card. It will show you that we are first tier suppliers of the most innovative and best manufacturers in the world, let alone the U.S. We have the best products, best service, most experienced sales force, and being a primary supplier of these products, some very competitive prices.