Holiday Milwaukee Items

The Holidays are Approaching! Allow Us to Help with Some Holiday Cheer!

The end of fall and beginning of winter are chock-full with all sorts of holidays, particularly the gift-giving ones. We have Thanksgiving, the holiday were we gift each other with thankfulness and food. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are quite necessary to get some turkey-tastic deals on presents for your family and friends for the upcoming holidays. Up next, there’s Saint Nicholas Day were St. Nick brings small gifts, or as I like to call it “Pre-Christmas.” Lastly, we have Christmas were people and Santa go all-out on finding the perfect gifts for others. Some people will even find the perfect gift for themselves. Above all, being cheerful and jolly, thankful and helpful are all part of the holiday spirit. So spread some STS joy!

M12™ Radio + Charger

Milwaukee M1 Radio + Charger

Sussex Tool & Supply has some featured Milwaukee Tools items that anyone can use. For the husband, wife or partner that already has “everything,” do they really have everything from Milwaukee Tools? How about the new M12™ Radio + Charger? This radio and charger is small and compact, can hang from almost anywhere, has Bluetooth connect, AM/FM channels and a charging station for you M12 batteries. The M12™ Radio + Charger is perfect for doing yard work, working on the jobsite, hanging up and jamming out in the shed or garage.

M18™ Hedge Trimmer

Milwaukee M18 Hedge Trimmer

Other than radios, Milwaukee has a ton of other power tools, like this M18™ Hedge Trimmer. With the power to cut through 3/4″ thick branches and last two hours on battery, the M18™ Hedge Trimmer is a tree-menous gift! So get ready to start trimming that Christmas tree down when the new year comes!

M18 M12 Wireless Jobsite Speaker

Milwaukee M18-M12 Wireless Jobsite Speaker

Is it necessary to have six speakers-in-one, AUX and USB? Yes it is. Milwaukee’s M18 M12 Wireless Jobsite Speaker is the one. This speaker is wireless with the use of an M18 or M12 battery, or can be plugged into the wall. Sound is either controlled through Bluetooth or AUX. In case you drop it or it gets knocked over, the speaker has an impact resistant roll cage. For the person who loves to jam out at home, the jobsite or anywhere, the M12™ Radio + Charger or the M18™ /M12™ Wireless Jobsite Speaker are jolly choices.

M12 FUEL™ SURGE™ 1/4″ Hex Hydraulic Driver 2 Battery Kit

Milwaukee M12 FUEL SURGE 1/4″ Hex Hydraulic Driver 2 Battery Kit

Do you or someone you know want a compact size driver that fits on a tool belt? Or one that can be used in the small space under the sink? when do work under the sink, wouldn’t be nice to have an LED light to help you see? Well then, the M12 FUEL™ SURGE™ 1/4″ Hex Hydraulic Driver is right up your chimney and on the roof! This compact and light hex hydraulic driver is just right for everyday use and home renovations. The impact driver has four drive control modes to give the correct amount of power and better control. What’s not to love about the M12 FUEL™ SURGE™ 1/4″ Hex Hydraulic Driver?!

DIY Milwaukee Tools are a Must-Have

Going along with the trend of DIYing or fixing up around the house, certain tools are a must-have. Power tools are the must-have tools people need. Milwaukee has plenty of tools to satisfy anyone’s needs. Also, if the gift receiver has a preference to cord or cordless, Milwaukee still has you covered. Whether it’s a power drill, hedge trimmer, saw, blower, cut-off tool, or anything in between, we have it for you. All you need to do to find holiday gifts is click the button below to take you to our Milwaukee holiday deals. Soon enough you’ll be over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house with the perfect gifts!

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