USA Made Endmills, Taps and More

USA Made Endmills, Taps and More

Why USA Made?

Have you been having difficulties finding parts or equipment made in the USA? Never been able to find the perfect, custom end mill or coating? Being able to find parts manufactured in the U.S may be a bit difficult. However, Sussex Tool & Supply has around 30% of our products that are made, right here, in America. We have products all the way from the East to the Midwest and all the way to over to the West. Of course, we have products manufactured from all around the globe, including Germany, Israel and many other countries.

Additionally, products there are manufactured in America; help us reduce some of our carbon-foot print. Due to us buying, selling and distributing products from the US, we are able to source products that are local, regional and national. This in turn helps us to use less fuel because we do not need as many long flights or ships cruising across oceans and seas. Furthermore, we are more than happy to help American companies continue to make their products here in the USA.

A Few Manufacturing Companies in America

Wisconsin / Local

Gorilla: Waukesha, WI
Waukesha, WI, USA from Google Maps

Founded in 1974, with headquarters in Waukesha, Gorilla (Gorilla Mill® and Gorilla Drill) is a very local source for STS. A hop-skip-and-a-jump down the road, Gorilla is a reliable and quality manufacturing company to get mills from, especially when they have same day shipping. One specialty they excel in is making custom diameters, radii and lengths, along with mills that will reduce chatter and extend tool life.

Midwest / Regional

Award Cutter: Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Rapids, MI from Google Maps

Founded in 1959, Grand Rapids, MI, Award Cutter has been a trusted partner of top distributers worldwide. They specialize in producing tapered end mills of the highest quality and are well known for their product reliability. Additionally, Award Cutter makes all their tools in the USA and has immediate shipments.

East coast / National

Reiff & Nestor: Lykens, PA
Lykens, PA from Google Maps

Founded all the way back in 1912 in Lykens, PA, Reiff & Nestor is the largest independently owned manufacturer of taps, and have products available through distributors, and stock warehouses located in Denver, CO, Portland, OR and Los Alamitos, CA. R&N specializes in custom tap building, high-speed taps, thread formers and Nu-trix thread restorers and providing it all with low-cost solutions.

West coast / National

SwiftCARB: Kent, WA
Kent, WA, USA from Google Maps

Founded in 1960 and located in Kent, WA, SwiftCARB created the world’s first center hole coolant-through end mills, and have been continually producing all their products here in America. They also produce their signature RampMills product line, allowing new ramp angles at helical entries, which reduces cycle times. In addition, SwiftCARB offers a larger-than-life amount of cutting lengths.

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